7 profitable life coaching niches that make a difference

Want to build a successful life coaching business? Here are 7 tried & tested coaching niches that will help you make a difference and make a living.

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Since The Good Alliance was founded we’ve had the pleasure of working with a huge variety of life coaches. Our team are always surprised by just how unique, creative and different our client’s businesses are from each other.

Although many of our clients would call themselves a ‘life coach’ we’ve found that no two are alike. Over the years we’ve helped life coaches from all walks of life create their brand and grow their business.

Profit + Purpose = Success

To make a difference and make a living you need to choose a profitable niche that you believe in. If you have a vision of the change you want to create then you will find purpose in your work and, when it comes to running a successful business, finding purpose in your work is essential.

So don’t just choose a niche because it is profitable, really consider what you care about and how you can make an impact. When people believe in you and your vision they will want to work with you and clients will seek you out.

This list has been put together through our own experience working with life coaches and watching their businesses grow. We’ve focused on the ones which we have seen become profitable whilst making an impact time and time again. If you know of a profitable coaching niche that we haven’t included let us know in the comments below.

What is a life coach?

We like to think of life coaching as an umbrella term for some amazing coaching niches. The 7 coaching niches we mention below all fall under the life coach umbrella and they all require similar skillsets.

All life coaches help their clients to be happier, more well-rounded and healthy. Whether their clients are looking to build their confidence, improve their relationships or achieve a life-goal – a life coach can help make it happen.

We could wax on about how great we think life coaches are (if you’re into that sort of thing then check out our blog for more) but let’s get right to it: here’s our list of 7 profitable life coaching niches that make a difference.

1. Mindset and accountability coach

We kick off our list with our mindset and accountability niche. When Joe Public hears the words ‘life coach’ they often picture someone who can help take them to the next level. Someone who can break down their barriers and give them the courage, motivation and inspiration to achieve their dreams.

This kind of coaching is very results-focused and regular client check-ins are a must. This means more sessions booked for you, more accountability for your client, and more chance of them achieving their goals.

When thinking about mindset coaching it’s best to try and niche down even further. You could try to help everyone achieve their goals but you’ll find more success if you have a strong vision of the difference you want to make and who you want to help. Think about who you want to help (their age, gender, their unique needs) and why you want to help them (what do you get out of it and what will keep you going when things get tough?)

Some examples of mindset coaches are:

Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School

Craig White

High performance coach for men

Trish Blackwell

Confidence and accountability coach

2. Health and fitness coach

Health, fitness and wellness coaches are another strong contender for “who do you think of when you think of life coaches?” and for good reason. For many people, their health is incredibly important to them – not just their mental health but their physical health too – but it can be a challenge.

Health coaches can improve lives in a whole number of ways, from helping to transform their physique to managing stress and anxiety. It’s a profitable coaching niche because people often embark on a health journey, making small improvements and learning more over a period of time. Your client may start out knowing nothing about diet and fitness but over time achieve their ideal weight and nutritional goals. Improving your client’s health will take time but you’ll be there to support them along the way.

Making a lifestyle change doesn’t come easy so your clients will need guidance and help to stay motivated.

Here are some ways to niche down further and help people as a health coach:

  • Help them achieve their fitness and exercise goals.
  • Help them follow a balanced diet and improve their nutrition.
  • Help them to change their diet or lifestyle, e.g. if they want to follow a plant-based diet or follow a vegan lifestyle.
  • Help them navigate a specific health issue.
  • Help them improve their health through excercise.

Some examples of health coaches are:

    Margaret Wehrenberg

    Anxiety coach for professionals

    Mel Noakes

    The self-care coach
    melnoakes.com / view case study

    Annie Rosenthal

    Eating psychology coach

    3. Small business coach

    Perhaps our first controversion addition to this list of profitable life coach niches, you might be wondering how a business coach could be considered a life coach?

    While some businesses coaches probably don’t consider themselves a life coach we’ve worked with many coaches who do. The difference we’ve found is that it has to do with size.
    Where many business coaches work with large organisations to help improve productivity, create a culture or tighten up the processes, small businesses coaches are faced with some very different challenges.

    There are thousands of small businesses out there that are run by individuals who are trying their best to go it alone (you might even be one of them). When it comes to serving businesses at this size you may find that your clients business and personal life are one and the same. Cash flow problems and the day to day running of their businesses can negatively impact their health. Meanwhile any problems they have in their personal life may cause them to not be as focused on their business. As a one-person business, any personal issues or shortfalls could directly be affecting their business.

    For small business coaches, part of the challenge is figuring out where the issues are and then creating a programme to work through them. Sure, they might help improve the technical aspects of the business, but they also have to make sure that the person running it isn’t burning themselves out too.

    Some examples of small business coaches are:

      Matthew Kimberley

      The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

      Katrina Widener

      Entrepreneur coach

      Melissa Dawn

      CEO of your life

      4. Relationship coach

      When it comes to life coaching niches we think that relationship coaches can be overlooked. Relationship coaches are heroes who help people when they are often at their most fragile. Although they may not have many long-term clients’s the work that they do might be considered far more intense.

      Offering support in a safe and welcoming space these heroes make a huge impact on their clients as they work on improving or repairing their relationships.

      On TV we see relationship coaches helping couples going through a tough time or navigating divorce, but they can also do much more. They can help people deal with the loss of a loved one, come to terms with their sexuality, or improve their marriage or sex lives.

      Some examples of relationship coaches are:

        Laura Doyle

        Relationship coach

        Corinne Blum

        Connecting with your true self

        Elizabeth Sullivan

        Dating coach for women

        5. Career coach

        How do you stand out, ask for a pay rise or find your dream job? With a large part of our lives taken up by our work it’s no surprise that career coaching can be a highly profitable coaching niche. Feeling valued at work and being fairly compensated can be life-changing, both financially and in terms of your own feeling of self-worth.

        Career coaches are experts at building up their clients confidence and helping them carve out their career path. Their advice can be invaluable, helping their clients to figure out when to ask for a raise or when to look elsewhere.

        More than just helping them climb the ladder, it’s often about helping clients who have become stuck in their jobs and feel trapped by their lifestyle. Career coaches must first get to know their clients to better understand their motivations, what makes them get out of bed each day and what excites them.

        The proof for these coaches can often be seen in the glowing testimonials they receive – it seems that landing your dream job or getting a big pay rise makes clients pretty happy. When you have clients who are singing your praises it’s not too farfetched to think that there will be more clients to come.

        Some examples of career coaches are:

          Wies Bratby

          Negotiation coach for high-achieving women

          Julia Carter

          Coaching for busy professional women

          Hannah Beko

          Coaching for the career superhero

          6. Parenting and family coach

          For many people, parenthood can feel like uncharted territory. What should be a thrilling and joyful time in their lives can feel overwhelming and scary without the right support.

          Parenting and family coaches can provide advice at all stages of family life. Whether someone wants to start a family, or they have children already, an experienced coach can make all the difference when there is uncertainty.

          Coaches in this niche might draw on their own experiences and combine them with tried-and-tested coaching practises to create a programme for their clients.

          Leaning more into the family aspect, coaches could find their niche in helping families who have moved overseas, help adults to reconnect with parents/siblings, or help those who have recently become stay-at-home parents.

          Some examples of family coaches are:

            Andrew Loosley

            The natural fertility expert

            Jess Rowe

            Coaching for parents of challenging children

            Katia Vlachos

            The overseas transition coach

            7. Executive coach

            Aiming to change work culture and lives from the top-down, executive coaches work with upper-management to transform organisations. They work with leaders to improve the performance of the business and make it a more harmonious place for employees.

            This top-down approach to change means that executive coaches can create huge ripples with their work – small change at the top could have huge implications for the entire organisation. While some life coaches prefer a more intimate setting, executive coaches need to be able to deal with the pressure that company executives face and utilise their coaching tools effectively.

            Some examples of executive coaches are:

              Dominique Ara

              Transformational leadership coach

              Marika Messager

              Elevating business through humanity.

              Shereen Hoban

              Executive mindfulness coaching

              Over to you…

              We love hearing about coaches who are making a difference in their niche. So, if you have an interesting niche be sure to share it with us in the comments below.

              Are you making a difference whilst making a living? If so, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on our recurring blog segment called change makers. Get in touch with your story.

              And finally, if you haven’t found your profitable niche or purpose yet then don’t worry. With time, patience and a helping hand there’s no reason why you can’t achieve success with your coaching business. Be sure to check out our free training and resources to help find your way.


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              Brett Worth

              Brett loves nothing more than getting things done. A creative at heart, he can usually be found working behind the scenes bringing ideas to life. He uses his varied skillset – which includes everything from photography to coding – to help good people do more good.


              1. Elizabeth

                Hey Brett,

                Great compilation of profitable niche’s under the life coaching umbrella!

                I specialize in Spiritual Life Coaching which is also gaining heavy traction. I work with individuals that are interested in deepening their connection to their inner Self while pursuing creative ways in which to enrich their lives with spiritual/intuitive processes. I help people connect the dots; allowing them to see the bigger picture from a heightened perspective. The ability to approach any problem or issue from the level of the body, mind, emotions, and energy is what makes Spiritual Life Coaching a very transformative process. My clients learn to rediscover themselves and experience less stress and anxiety, increased concentration, emotional balance, increased productivity, inner peace, self confidence, and heightened clarity and perception!

                Meditation is a key component of the work that I do. Offering client’s various tools, strategies and practices helps them create greater overall balance in their lives.

                For more information, please read more of what a Spiritual Life Coach can offer (including a case study) here: https://www.beyondyou.coach/spiritual-life-coach-near-me/

                Thanks for the opportunity to share!

                • Brett Worth

                  Hi Elizabeth!

                  You’re right about Spiritual Life Coaching, it’s been on our radar for a while now. Some of our clients are seeing great success with their Spiritual Coaching businesses and we’ll be adding more examples of our work with them to our Portfolio soon.

                  Perhaps I was a bit mean limiting this list to only 7 niches – but what can I say? I just really like the number 7. 🙂

                  I should write a follow up to this post in the near future so that I can share more profitable coaching niches, would you mind if I considered adding you as an example for Spiritual Life Coaching?

                  Have a great day!

              2. Des

                Great read! I totally forgot that choosing a specific niche can really be where profit lies. I run a coaching business, but now I’m thinking of going into the relational aspects of it since most of my graduate and undergraduate studies focused around couples and family counseling.

                This is a good reminder that career-wise its good to be niched.

                • Brett Worth

                  Hi Des! Thanks for the kind words, we create this content to help people like you so it’s great to know that you found it to be useful. I’ve just taken a quick look at your website and love what you do, the world needs more people who want to do work that matters. Here a 3 quick things I noticed which might help you on your mission: 1) Include your name and a photo of yourself on your About page. It’s a good idea to build rapport and introduce yourself to your visitors and your About page is ideal for doing this. 2) Consider adding prices to your website instead of your ‘Instant Quote’ form, not only will it make it easier for people to know if they can work with you, but it will help to ensure you’re getting enquiries from people who value your services. 3) Create a strong call-to-action. You can put this at the bottom of each page or as a featured button in your menu (or both!), this will help your visitors take the next step without wondering what to do next. I hope you find these tips useful, if you’d like some more recommended reading feel free to get in touch via email or browse our blog. Have a great day!

              3. Coach Marlana

                This is good and breaks things down. I still find my niche not jumping out at me. I have clients who want clarity and confidence but externally are seeking different outcomes. I want to dial down on one to be clear to others what I offer.

                • Brett Worth

                  Thanks Marlana! It’s not easy finding a niche, especially when you already have a steady flow of clients with diverse needs. One ways you might go about this would be to see what all of your clients have in common and what brought them to you, then think about which clients you enjoy working with the most and why. Somewhere in there is your sweet spot; the meeting point of doing what you love and what your clients need. If you need any help with this feel free to get in touch, our free Clarity Call can be a real eye-opener for coaches who are trying to find their niche. Good luck on your journey!

              4. DK

                Is personal development coaching profitable as well ?

                • Brett Worth

                  Definitely, although personal development is such a broad subject it would be worth drilling down and finding the niches with it. The response to this article has been great and there’s been some really interesting conversations around it. I think our team will be looking for more profitable coaching niches to share soon and personal development will be a good place to start.

              5. Leelo Bush PhD

                I have seen the most profitable coaching niches are those that make the greatest impact in the lives of others. The coaches who work in the areas of restoring joy after grief and relieving stress are universally needed and hired.

                • Brett Worth

                  You are absolutely right! Coaches have the power to make such a huge difference and the ones that do are always going to be in demand.

              6. grace

                HI! I am not even a life coach yet, but I think it’s there in my path. So thank you so much for explaining on the different niches. I personally love mindset and accountability coaching. But wouldn’t that be closely related to the whole life coaching umbrella itself? What advice would you have about this niche more?

                Thank you so much!!!

                • Brett Worth

                  Hi Grace! In my opinion all of these things are under the life coach umbrella. What I’ve found though is that calling yourself a ‘life coach’ isn’t really that helpful for potential clients. It’s the same as calling yourself a ‘photographer’, for example: “I’m a photographer!”, “Awesome, so can you photograph my wedding?”, “Well actually, no, I’m a wildlife photographer”… The trick is to help potential clients understand right away how you can help them and for me that means niching down to a level that most people will understand. It doesn’t take much, but just that extra clarification about what kind of life coach you are makes the world of difference. In fact, I’d even suggest going deeper with the niching! We have clients who instead of calling themselves a life coach, or even a mindset coach, call themselves things like ‘perfectionist coach’ and ‘the self care coach’.

                  Looking forward to seeing you step into coaching. Keep in touch!

              7. Eden

                Hi great read thanks. What about a money management coach to help people save and manage money. Is that a niche?

                • Brett Worth

                  Hi Eden. I think money management is a good one, especially considering what’s currently going on in the world. There’s likely to be an increase in anxiety about finances over the coming months and having someone to talk to would be helpful. If you haven’t considered it yet then be sure to map out your customer avatars, money management will vary greatly depending on who your ideal client is. Think about how you’d approach coaching a parent who wants their teenage son to learn about managing his savings vs. a women in her 50’s who is thinking about her retirement. Dig deep and you’ll find the gold. Thanks for your comment and be sure to reach out if you need anything.


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