Case study

Mel Noakes
Self Care Coach

Empowering women to love the skin they’re in
so that they can live an extraordinary life.

The challenge

Mel felt that her brand was holding her back and that she wasn’t really communicating her value to her clients. It was costing her business and meant everything she did felt like an uphill struggle.

She was looking for someone to help her take the next step in her business, but insisted that it be someone that totally ‘got’ her, understood who she was and her mission in the world.

“It changed everything about my business and how I felt about it. I finally was able to communicate everything I did in one really easy and beautiful way. It’s changed everything and I even got a book deal!!!”


The result

When you work with The Good Alliance our team becomes you team and together we discover what’s important to your business. Mel says that her experience was ‘exceptional’ and that she can now not only get clients more easily, but her whole business is stronger thanks to her new branding and website.

“It’s made a huge difference to my confidence, the way I speak about my work and the fun I have designing products and collateral for my brand, it’s effortless now.”


We’ve worked for top agencies and global brands.

But nothing gets us more excited than working for entrepreneurs with big hearts and big visions.