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Sometimes before you can start the ‘important’ work of building your brand, you just need a quick answer. So we’ve answered the questions our members ask us about most.

What’s your next best step?

You have a strong vision for the difference you want to make in the world, but do you know the exact next steps you need to take to help you achieve it?

This free quiz will help you identify where you are on the road to achieving your vision, and what you need to focus on next in order to keep moving forward.


Sometimes a topic comes up so regularly we think – “we should write a book about this”. So we did! Download an e-book (or four), compliments of us…

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Our most in-depth and action-orientated content.

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Some thoughts and ideas to help you move forward.

20 great coaching websites

Over the years we’ve seen some great – and not so great – websites for coaches and consultants. Here’s 20 which we think do things right.

And more…

We love to give back, so we try our best to provide as many free guides, tutorials and worksheets as possible. Helping you to do more good.

The Impact Roadmap

Suitable for both nonprofit or for-profit businesses, the Impact Roadmap will outline the steps required to achieve success whether you are just starting out, stepping up or scaling up.


There’s no need to struggle to work systems out for yourself. Our library of easy-to-follow tutorials cover all of our recommended software and systems. They also include useful tips and tricks too.