You’ve set up your coaching business. You’re marketing it to everyone and you’ve taken on a wide range of different clients.

This is what you got into coaching for, right?

So, why aren’t you 100% happy?

Chances are it’s because you haven’t chosen a coaching niche.

5 reasons why you need to choose a coaching niche.

You might feel you’re helping lots of people, but being too broad in your coaching is like fixing a broken table leg with superglue. It’ll fix it for a while, but long-term it’s going to break again.

So, if you’re still unsure if niching is for you, here are five reasons why you should:

1. It can land you your ideal clients

This might feel like something everybody says, but it’s so true.

Think of it like this:

You’re a 59-year-old female coach. Since turning 45 you’ve started two businesses and sold them both for six-figure sums – and you’ve done it while being a grandmother and helping your single-parent daughter with childcare.

So, what’s your sweet spot in this scenario?

Should you:

  • Be a business coach for men and women of all ages who want to get the job of their dreams and climb the corporate ladder.
  • Be a business coach for women over 45 who want to start and grow their own businesses – and still have time to pick the grandchildren up from school.

It’s B, right?

By niching down, you attract clients you can help the most. You have experience in what they’re going through, so they’ll search you out. They don’t want a coach who doesn’t understand their fears and anxieties, they want a coach who gets them completely.

Because if you’ve come through it and succeeded, they’ll want to know how you did it.

And that’s what’s going to win you more clients than you lose.

2. It creates more value

Coaching to everyone means you’re giving them a generic solution to lots of different problems. And as every client and issue is different, you’re only plastering over the cracks – so they’ll soon be back.

Let’s face it, your clients aren’t getting a lot for their investment, they’re unlikely to recommend you.

Niching allows you to offer a specific solution, tailored to people you understand and can relate to.

The result?

You’ll fix their problems long-term, leaving you with happy customers who’ll shout your name from the rooftops because they feel their investment was money well spent.

3. It makes pricing at a Premium easier

Niche coaches tend to price higher and earn more than coaches who offer a broad service.


Because niche coaches are viewed as specialists with a high-level of expertise, which means customers are happier to pay a premium for your services.

4. It improves your focus

Turning up and doing work that excites you improves your focus and gives you more energy. That’s what choosing a niche does because you’re doing something you believe in every second you’re on the clock.

Knowing your appointment book is full of people you can’t really help, however, will make you resent the work you’re doing. And you’ll end up growing restless, wondering why you got into coaching in the first place.

5. It makes marketing and delivery easier

Firing out ads, articles and social media posts and hoping something sticks usually ends in frustration and lack of customers.

When you choose a coaching niche, you can market directly to your audience. Not only can you focus on touching on their exact pain points, but the results you promise will actually mean something to them.


Has that convinced you to dial back on serving everyone and choose a coaching niche?

We hope so, but wanting to niche and knowing how are two different things. So, to help you figure out yours, read our article: How to choose your coaching niche.

It’s packed with loads of helpful tips on how to choose your niche, as well as featuring five coaches who picked theirs and have had crazy amounts of success by doing so.

Need help choosing yours?

Whether you’re new to coaching. Or you’ve been in the profession for years, picking your chosen niche and knowing what to do to capture the attention of your target audience when you have is tricky.

So, if you need a hand rewriting your message, or tweaking your website to match your niche, The Good Alliance can help.

By signing up to The Brand Bootcamp, we can help you:

  • Clarify your coaching vision
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