20 great coaching websites

Over the years we’ve seen some great – and not so great – websites for coaches and consultants. Here’s 20 which we think do things right.

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Helping individuals and businesses unlock their potential and accomplish their goals is a great way to find purpose in your work. Coaching is an amazing career choice that can not only have a profound impact on others, but can also positively impact your life too.

A great coaching website will help you grow your audience, get more clients, and help you sell more consulting sessions. Which means you can help more people and earn a living doing something you care about.

Great coaches deserve great coaching websites

We’ve put together a list of 20 great coaching websites that showcase thoughtful content, strong imagery, and kick-ass branding. We hope you find some inspiration in these great examples of coaching sites and find ways to improve your own website, because the more business you get the bigger impact you can have.

1. Mel Noakes

Mel is a self-care coach on a mission to empower women so that they can live a full and extraordinary life.

great coaching website - example from Mel Noakes

Why it works: Mel’s home page fits in a lot of information without feeling cramped and crowded. Even before we scroll down the page we get a feel for who she is, what she’s about and how she can help. With strong branding and imagery, she is able to tell us so much without using words.

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2. David Ball

David Ball is a life mentor and coach that works with men. With 20+ years of experience and with more than 7,000 men helped, David’s site is an interesting example of how your choice of client can shape your website.

Why it works: One of the first things we noticed about David’s site was a link in the menu titled ‘if you’re not sure’. On this page he lays out some common reasons why men use his services; this is a great way to overcome any barriers or resistance caused by stereotypes regarding men’s coaching.

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3. Gabby Bernstein

Gabby is a bestselling author and an international speaker who aims to help people feel more spiritually connected each day. Through her live events and programmes she has created a global movement.

Why it works: Gabby’s website is an incredible example of what can be achieved when you focus on creating content and building a community. Pick any of her blog posts and you’ll be met not only with well-written content but also a huge stream of comments from her readers. Perhaps even more impressive is that you’ll notice that Gabby has replied to all of them.

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4. Shannon Wilkinson

Shannon has been coaching ‘since the dawn of the iPod’ and has helped hundreds of people create the life they desire.

Why it works: Finding your voice online isn’t easy, but when you find the right words and the right message it can create a spark in the mind of your clients. Shannon’s voice echoes throughout her entire site and offers her audience a chance to get to know her before they reach out.

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5. Patrice Washington

Patrice is a best-selling author, speaker and ‘hope-restoring coach to women’ who want to do good work in the world.

Why it works: Patrice’s coaching website is a stunning, high-end example of what can be achieved when you marry beautiful branding with strong imagery. Her home page is immediately effective thanks to an electrifying portrait that lets her personality shine – she’s someone who we want to be around, someone who has unlocked the secret of happiness.

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6. Dominique Ara

Dominique believes that to change an organisation you have to enable it from the inside out. To date, she’s helped more than 8,000 professionals discover the tools they need to realise their full potential.

Why it works: Sometimes your coaching practise is less about who you are and more about what you teach. Dominique’s website and branding fully embrace the idea that sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. She effortlessly threads the concept through all of her branding and the result is a bold, unique visual design.

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7. Hannah Beko

Hannah is on a mission to help lawyers prevent and recover from burnout. A coach, trainer and lawyer herself, she aims to help exhausted or frustrated lawyers find their path.

Why it works: When you want to work with a specific group of people your website can’t beat around the bush. If you do then you run the risk of wasting other people’s time and your own. Hannah’s site and content do a great job at letting people know exactly the kind of clients she is looking for (she only works with lawyers) and addresses the issue of burnout head-on.

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8. Matthew Kimberley

Helping small business owners sell more, Matthew is a business coach and public speaker with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Why it works: How can your website help to position you as a leader in your chosen field? We think Matthew’s site is a good example. Dark imagery and splashes of colour evoke a feeling of luxury whilst an emphasis on testimonials from industry leaders let you know that Matthew and his programmes are worth the investment.

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9. Emily Jacob

Emily is a certified One of Many coach who works with survivors of rape. An advocate for change, she helps women go from survivors to living a beautiful, reconnected life.

Why it works: Emily is a force to be reckoned with and her website is an example of changing the narrative. With a bold, colourful design and beautiful, vulnerable writing, Emily has set her spotlight on rape and rapists. Instead of a sombre reminder of a heinous act, her website is a powerful reminder that there is life after rape and strength in healing.

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10. Joanna Martin

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst for change. Her message and work have directly impacted over 70,000 people worldwide.

Why it works: While her personal website is perhaps not as well known as her other ventures (oneofmany.co.uk), the site includes a lot of social proof and testimonials demonstrating her unique transformational abilities. When it comes to coaching websites client testimonials can be invaluable and will encourage would-be-clients to take the leap of faith.

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11. Heather Waring

Heather is a certified women’s coach with a unique approach to self-care. Encouraging women to set time aside for walking, her coaching clients have experienced meaningful change within a matter of hours.

Why it works: One of the standout websites on our list, WomenWalking:WomenTalking welcomes uses to the site with an interactive experience that invites them to take a moment to pause and reflect. It’s calming, it’s different and the short experience is incredibly rewarding – much like working with Heather herself.

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12. Jess Rowe

A mum and a parenting coach, Jess helps mothers eliminate the extreme emotional behaviours of their child through love and connection.

Why it works: Creating a connection with your website visitors can be tough. You need to know your ideal client well enough to speak to them and then convince them that you know what you’re talking about. Jess does a fantastic job at this in her ‘about’ page where she opens herself up to us. It’s deeply personal, it’s vulnerable, and it creates a memorable connection.


13. Julia Carter

Julia is a pharmacist and coach with a unique blend of scientific background and training experience. She works with clients to provide coaching services that can be backed up with appropriate development interventions.

Why it works: When it comes to your coaching website brilliant photography isn’t just pretty pictures. Julia uses photography on her site to tell a story and connect with visitors. By showing professional women in a variety of day-to-day situations visitors are reminded of their responsibilities and can develop a deeper connection to what Julia is saying.

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14. Brene Brown

Another big name on our list, Brené is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers and her 2010 TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability – is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world.

Why it works: Bringing a unique visual style (the paper tears are a nice touch for an author) Brené’s website has clearly been built to perform. Good design is often invisible and this site does a great job at getting people where they need to go without getting in their way.

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15. Marie Forleo

Needing no introduction, Marie is a worldwide sensation who has rubbed shoulders with some of the worlds top names.

Why it works: While her personal brand is something to marvel at, so too is her incredible amount of video content. Marie’s YouTube channel – dubbed ‘Marie TV’ has more than half a million subscribers and hundreds of videos. All of these videos are shared within the blog section of her elegant website. She’s an inspirational powerhouse who shows no sign of stopping.

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16. Denise Duffield Thomas

Denise calls herself the ‘money mindset mentor for women’. She has written books, published courses and shares actionable, financial-focused insights on her blog.

Why it works: Denise shows that you don’t need bells and whistles to create a coaching website that works. What’s more, 1-on-1 coaching services can’t be found anywhere on her website. Instead, Denise uses her books, courses, and her workshops to amplify her impact and reach more people.

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17. Craig White

Craig is a high-performance coach with more than 30 years of experience. Helping men know and understand themselves deeper, Craig offers coaching for the body, the mind, and beyond.

Why it works: When it comes to creating a coaching website where your ideal clients are men it can present some unique challenges. Overcoming any stigma related to men’s health and coaching can be a tough obstable but Craig tackles this early on. On his home page is a section titled ‘a common MENtality’, where he lays out some issues which his visitors may relate to but are too afraid to share. This list can help to create a connection and show that they are not alone in feeling these things.

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18. Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa is the bestselling author, podcast host, motivational speaker and self-love teacher. She inspires women across the globe to achieve their dreams and live life on their own terms.

Why it works: Melissa’s website scream authenticity. In every word you can hear her voice, feel her energy and get to know her better. It’s incredibly well written and, when combined with the beautiful imagery, it creates a uniquely personal coaching website and personal brand. It’s welcoming, it’s wonderful and it has a full-screen call to action right there on the home page – what more could you ask for?

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19. Simon Sinek

Simon is a visionary, best-selling author, teacher and leader of a global movement that aims to inspire people to do things that inspire them. His goal is to help build a world where people feel inspired, safe and fulfilled.

Why it works: On the surface, Simon’s website looks very neat and I suspect for many people a little bland. [Side note: I love this kind of simple, bold design!] And yet, when you begin to hover over buttons and open things up the website springs to life. A pop of colour here, a rush of colour there – there’s squiggles and wiggles and… well, it’s a lot of fun. Simon’s site is a great example of a coaching website that brings joy through thoughtful design and interaction.

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20. Mira Joleigh

Mira is a free-spirited life coach working with ambitious women in their 20’s and 30’s. She transformed her life when she hired a life coach and now works to do the same for others.

Why it works: Mira’s site does a great job of helping us get to know her better. The video on the home page is a great introduction to who she, and once you’ve heard her speak you can’t help but hear her voice as you read through the website. With unapologetic energy and enthusiasm, Mira shares her story and offers hope to those who can relate. We can’t wait to see how her site and branding develops over time.

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What do you think?

That’s it for our list of 20 great coaching websites, so over to you: what did you think of them? Did they inspire you or highlight the importance of design, copywriting or images?

Let us know in the comments below.

And for more awesome coaching websites, check out our articles, 31 best coaching websites of 2021 and 17 health coaching websites to inspire your own.



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  1. Samantha

    A great product deserves a great packaging. The same goes for great coaches. Their websites should represent their services to the public in enticing but understandable way.

  2. Michele

    Great examples and now I am overwhelmed….I realized I need to do some work on learning how to develop a basic website to start. I am looking for something really simple.

    • Brett Worth

      Hi Michele! We think it’s great that you are looking to launch your own website but understand how complicated it can all sound. If you’re looking for a place to start then you should check out our free guide, it’s ‘the ultimate guide to upgrading your coaching website‘. It was created to help people who already have a site to maximise the impact it can have for their coaching business, but it also serves as a great step by step for someone who hasn’t created a site yet too. If this is too much (and we understand if it is, it was written to be as comprehensive and informative as possible) then we have also recently launched a new program which sounds like it would be perfect for you! Our Brand Bootcamp will take you through a step by step process to launching a website that works, it even includes a website customised by our team and 12 months of support. Find out more about the Brand Bootcamp here or feel free to get in touch to see how we can help: hello@thegoodalliance.org

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    Thank you so much! Sending back 7 fold the positive ripple that you’ve been to me.

    • Brett Worth

      Hey Carolyn, thanks for the kind words. We create all of these articles to help and inspire people like you: people who want to do their part to make things better, so it’s wonderful to hear that you find them useful. Good luck on your adventure, we’ll be here if you need any support along the way.

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          Hey Kimberly! So glad this has helped you. Good luck with your coaching career!

  4. Jeanne Tousley

    Such a great presentation of these inspiring websites…and I love your site as well. I have been stuck 1) trying to learn how to build a site with WP, and 2) not even sure what my “brand” should look like!

    I am fluctuating between giving up and just hiring it out and trying to “tough it out” a little longer, not quitting just yet.

    This has helped me understand I know very little about even the basics and has pushed me closer to that decision. Thank you!

    • Brett Worth

      Hi Jeanne, thanks for the kind words. We feel your pain, building your own website and deciding on your branding can be a real challenge. But don’t give up just yet! We have heaps of resources that might help you along the way and it sounds like you would be a good candidate for our Brand Bootcamp program. Feel free to send us an email – use the ‘contact’ link at the very bottom of our website – and we’ll see what we can do to help. You’ve got this!

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    • Brett Worth

      Thanks Oyewole! Our clients also find content creation one of the toughest parts of website design. It helps if you know your clients and your business inside out but it can still be difficult to find the right words. Fortunately we work with some amazing copywriters who are able to transform our clients words into brilliant content. If you’re stuck on the content feel free to download our free website content blueprint, it’s a fill-in-the-blanks template we created to help create website content that works. You can get it here: https://thegoodalliance.org/resources/upgrade-coaching-website/

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      Hi Trish, thanks for the kind words! It was a pleasure to see your name pop up in our comment section, especially since you’ve been mentioned on our blog before. Take care.

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    These are great! One can really see the authenticity behind the brands. I recommend my coach’s website as well I’ve added her site below. I’m currently working on developing my own for my photography coaching business.

  15. Ron Cheshire

    Great website and the guide is amazing!

    Do you have an opinion whether to advertise the price of your session and/or coaching packages?

    • Cat Townsend

      Hey Ron!

      For us, the choice about whether to include prices on your website, is down to who your clients are and how you want to position yourself.

      If you’re offering coaching packages to individuals who are paying for coaching themselves – the assumption that is made when they can’t see a price on your site, is often that you are ‘too expensive’.

      But conversely, it may not be appropriate to include pricing if you are serving business or larger organisations where you will tailor your packages and pricing according to the value you deliver.

      I’d suggest checking out our article on pricing here:


      • Omelia C Thornton

        Love this list you put together. It really showed some great content and how each website reflects the person. This leads to the fact that websites are not cookie cut, but reflections of a person in whom the world is getting to know.

  16. SanJay

    Hey, great work done here, really appreciate to put it out here for everyone to take inspiration and get ahead with their website. Just out of curiosity, I see most of these sites are built on WordPress, does this fairly mean it’s the best platform to build life coaching websites? What are your thoughts?

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      Hey Monika! We actually built Mel’s site ourselves so we’re thrilled that you like it! Who knows, maybe we’ll be creating one for you next? Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project: https://thegoodalliance.org/apply/

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  35. anoymous

    I love Dr. Traci K celebrity first she coached military soldiers, police and she is a pro former fitness champion, she has done it all but when she came home with medical injuries and other she really knows how to and that is the best. but her website was hacked or something heard weebly.com is responsible and not kewl
    is she with you now? weebly.com supposedly is scamming a lot of people.
    was going to try them but not now. of course. what I can’t stand is how insurance doesn’t pay to be with the best. They always force this license stuff make you go to a LPC or whatever and must be in your state. I would rather be with a spiritual coach then a low level educated state licensed therapist they don’t have a clue how to handle what military or high level go through.
    check out Dr. Traci K Working IT OUt series / academy.


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