Have you ever noticed that many successful coaches and the ones with the longest careers have just one niche they serve? That’s not a coincidence either. There’s a direct correlation between how many kinds of people you serve and how successful you are as a coach (or in any field, really).

Take this success story from Amanda Jane Daley:

“I started to understand that no one was looking to buy ‘Health Coaching’ – they didn’t even know what that meant – so I started to offer more tangible offerings. I hosted Healthy High Tea events locally, where I got to show up as an expert and introduce ladies to healthy raw food treats in a fun and social environment. Then I started talking at yoga studios, gyms, and other places that my ideal clients were already looking to improve their health.”

She got clearer on what she did and who she served. As a result, she was better equipped to help her clients win.

It’s a scary thing, thinking that you might have to say “no” to helping someone simply because they’re not in your niche. But keep in mind that having a coaching niche isn’t about exclusivity. It’s about putting yourself in the best position to help your clients.

So, let’s help you find your niche.