As a coach, you’re in a unique position.

Not only do you have the opportunity to have a massive impact on the lives of your clients, but your work also touches thousands of other people through the actions they take after coaching or counselling.

Coaching pretty much has the power to change the world.

Mind-blowing, right?

There are so many people out there with a vision to change the world for the better, all they lack is someone, like you, who can help them:

  • Discover their purpose in life
  • Identify their strengths
  • Unearth their confidence
  • Crush their feelings of overwhelm
  • Take sustainable action

So, we thought it’d be pretty cool to highlight coaches making a massive impact and taking their work to the next level.


5 Coaches Making A Massive Impact.

Okay, let’s be honest, there are a lot of great coaches doing great things out there, whittling down this list was hard. However, here are five who aren’t going down the usual coaching route but are still changing the world for the better:


1. Dr Joanna Martin – One of many™

One of many™ helps women realise their awesome potential, turning them into business leaders with the power to make a massive impact on the world.

coaches making a massive impact

Why she’s awesome: Dr Joanna Martin was a coach for many years before she even envisioned One of many™, one of the fastest-growing women’s community groups in the UK.

As Jo tells it, the idea for One of many™ came about when she was feeding her baby and thinking about the world her children and her children’s children would inherit. She’d always been struck by the quote from the Dalai Lama:

The world will be saved by the Western Woman.

But she wondered how the Western Woman was going to balance the call to leadership with the calls in a million other different directions.

These women may well be pioneering cancer research, launching a vital social enterprise, or spearheading the most important project in their company’s recent history, but let’s face it, someone still needs to:

  • Pay the car insurance
  • Take care of the kids when they’re sick
  • Keep up with social engagements
  • Buy the birthday presents

So, Jo set herself the challenge of unleashing the bold, grassroots leadership of one million women internationally.

One of Many™ are the fastest growing women’s leadership community in the UK, and with training ranging from online personal development programmes to in-person Coach Training programmes – they’re expanding as fast as they can to reach women in dozens of countries around the world. 

And proof that it’s making an impact?

Our very own Cat Townsend:

The whole idea of The Good Alliance was formed as I worked through one of their twelve-month leadership programmes. Without that programme, I would never have found the space, clarity or strength to make it happen.

Visit the One of many™ website


2.  Emily Jacob – ReConnected Life

Emily Jacob is a trauma-informed coach supporting women to move past their experiences of rape and sexual violence and give them the confidence to move into new relationships without fear.

Why she’s awesome: As a survivor of rape, Emily knows first-hand how traumatic experiences can turn lives upside down. And what it takes to move forward without letting those experiences define you. 

Which is why she created ReConnected Life.

Emily’s coaching programme is tailored to the unique needs of the client, enabling them to self-rescue, let go of their past and embrace life on their own terms. Survivors no longer see themselves as fragile or broken, allowing them to love who they are so they can show up fully in their lives and their relationships.

Emily uses meditation which embeds learnings into the unconscious and allows clients to leave her sessions empowered and at peace.

But most importantly, the ReConnected Life programme allows survivors to let go of everything holding them back so they can move forward, free of fear, into a positive future.

Visit the Reconnected Life website

3.  Kalpa Patel – sAkshi

Kalpa Patel is an Addiction Recovery Partner who supports people with destructive addictions by involving their family and friends in therapy which results in long-lasting recovery. 

Why she’s awesome: It takes a strong person to look like they’re holding it together when their world is falling to pieces, and an even stronger one to admit they need help and support to fix it.

Yes, they have an addiction, but it also doesn’t define who they really are and they shouldn’t have to feel punished by going it alone or attending “anonymous” meetings with people who show them how to hide their addiction, not recover from it.

This is the realisation Kalpa brings out in her clients.

Kalpa helps clients feel connected to the world again by rediscovering the person they were before addiction took hold and invites trusted family members, friends and colleagues to play an active role in the treatment.

This creates a support network and allows loved ones to fully understand addiction which is essential to a long-lasting, successful recovery.

As a recovering alcoholic, Kalpa understands the stigma of addiction and works through a tried and tested programme that’s more effective than the endless cycle of rehab and group therapy which result in short-term fixes prone to relapse. 

Visit the sAkshi website

4. Cathy Burke

Cathy is a mindset coach with a rich history of helping disadvantaged people tap into their leadership skills and evoke real change in their communities.

Why she’s awesome: Through her work as Australian CEO and Global Vice President of The Hunger Project, Cathy has coached some of the most disadvantaged people on the planet and helped them tap into the power of their mindset, so they were able to achieve remarkable outcomes for their communities.

One such client was a young woman called Rhada who was married at thirteen, a mother at fourteen and had received no formal education.

The result?

Rhana rose above her circumstances, tapped into her leadership skills and changed the world around her by bringing fresh water, food and education to her village.

Having seen the power a leadership mindset can bring to even the most impoverished people and places, Cathy now uses her experience and knowledge to help organisations across the world, from small one-person startups to global giants, like eBay.

From the poorest to the mega-rich, Cathy’s work proves that, whatever your circumstances, the power to make positive change is in everyone.

Visit Cathy Burke’s website

5. Kelly Diels

Kelly is an author and Feminist Marketing Consultant who helps entrepreneurs instil their beliefs and values into a business that makes money.

coaches making a massive impact

Why she’s awesome: Kelly used to believe that to be successful in business, she would have to swallow her principles and hide her truth to fit in.

And she’d spend her time in work and meetings worrying about other people’s bias’ against her.

Until she realised living and working this way was bullshit.

Now Kelly is not only coaching, changing and challenging the whole system – raising the bar for entrepreneurs and marketers alike, and providing the support and resources they need to create a new normal.

Instead of doing “business as usual”, Kelly has developed a suite of feminist business practices which attract like-minded customers to her clients’ businesses, without sacrificing the most important factor – making money.

She’s breaking the mould and shaping the next wave of culture-makers. 

Visit Kelly Diels’ website

How awesome are you?

Let’s face it, every coach we work with at The Good Alliance is pretty awesome. And we could have showcased even more coaches making a massive impact through their work.

So, if you’re not on our list, let us know about it!

We want to hear from you.

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