Copywriting & content creation

We can help you tell your story in a way that makes people stop, listen and take action. 

Anyone can create content, but not everyone can inspire action. 

Most people can share thoughts and ideas through writing – but writing things that inspire people to take action, is another story. 

That’s because it’s not enough to tell people what you’re doing. You need to tell a story that captures their imagination and makes them care.

Our copywriters start by helping you craft a voice for your brand that is as personal as you are. Then they use that voice to transform your thoughts, ideas and vision into a clear, powerful story that your audience will respond to.

Copywriting considerations

More than just some fancy words, we get to know you so that your personality shines out in each and every word.


Who do we need this to resonate with?


What else is competing for their attention?


What feeling are we trying to evoke?


What language evokes that feeling?


What hesitations do we need to overcome?


What proof do they need to feel certainty?


What message will make them take action?


How can we make them feel like we are talking only to them?

Need some advice on how to approach your copywriting project? 

What’s the investment?

A compelling story that works for your venture is more affordable than you might think.


Website Review

Discover how to take your site content to the next level.


Briefing call
w/ Creative Director

2 hrs of our copywriter
reviewing and providing feedback on your website content

Report with feedback, tips
plus examples of reworded segments or headlines


$700 USD


Website Content

Sit back and let our copywriter create content for your site. 


Briefing call
w/ Creative Director

Up to 8 hrs of our copywriter
creating draft content for our standard 5 page website

Up to 2 hrs further content development based upon your feedback (if required)


$2,000 USD


Additional Pages

Need more content for your site? Add as many pages as you like.


Get the same copywriter to work on additional pages

Up to 3 hrs of copywriting
per additional page of website
content required

Up to 30 mins further content development based upon your feedback (if required)


$350 USD


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Can we change the content if it's not quite right?
Absolutely! In fact ALL of our content creation packages incorporate some element of feedback and collaborative tweaking after the initial first draft?

Why? Because the thing most people struggle with when it comes to creating website content is creating the first full draft.

We take this ‘hard work’ out of your hands, by getting our expert copywriters to create something that is clear, professional and works for web. Then we nearly always need your input to ensure we’ve got the language and the subject matter ‘just right’ for your audience.

Will I feel like an imposter if I'm not writing it myself?
One of the biggest worries we hear when people want to create content for their website is that people will know that they didn’t write it.

Here at The Good Alliance we take special care to get to know you, how you talk and the language you use. Through our questionnaires and kick-off calls we’ll be paying close attention so that we can make your content sound like you.

Once your content draft is ready you’ll then also have chance to review it and let us know if there is anything that doesn’t sound right.

The end result is content that takes the words right out of your mouth but in a way that inspires your audience to take action.

Is this service just for website content only?

In the first instance, we typically like to work with our clients to create content for their website. This allows them to get to know your brand and audience intimately, and sets them up for success should you need further assistance down the line.

However our talented writers can create content for a wide variety of use cases, such as:

  • Video scripts
  • Slideshow content
  • eBooks / workbooks
  • Lead magnets
  • and more!

Similar pricing may apply but get in touch for more details.

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Storytelling is the most powerful tool you can use to communicate effectively with your audience. Learn how to use the power of your story to attract, engage and convert your ideal customers.

“I don’t need to tell people what I do. My website copy does it for me! ”


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