Brand & marketing strategy

It’s not enough to ‘do’ branding or marketing. You need to make sure you are consistently sharing the right message with the right people at the right time. We can help you do that.

Marketing is not about tactics. It’s about purposeful strategy. 

Every marketing activity should bring you closer to your goals. But for far too many entrepreneur’s that is simply not the case. 

That’s hardly surprising given that on any single day, a typical entrepreneur in a small business or organisation can be pulled in all directions…. marketing, design, sales, customer service.

That’s why it’s even more important to have a clear strategy, that helps you take purposeful action – no matter what else has been going on in your day, week, month or life. 

Strategy considerations

When it comes to creating a strategy that works we need to look beyond your professional goals and look at your personal goals too.


What is important about who you are, and how should that inform your brand?


Who are you trying to communicate with, and what are they actively looking for?


What are you offering, and how can we shape that so it obviously delivers what your customer is actively looking for?


How will we interact with our audience, and what feeling do we want to evoke?


What visual cues should we be using to instinctively evoke that feeling?


What story do we need to tell, in order to help our audience connect their challenges to the outcome we can help them achieve?

Need some advice on how to approach your creative strategy?

What’s the investment?

A custom brand strategy is more affordable than you might think.


Strategy Coaching

Work 1-1 with one of our brand strategists, to create your own custom brand strategy. 


4 x 45 min coaching calls
with a brand strategist

Homework and brand building activities
to complete between calls

Our editable Brand Plan template for you
to update as you define your custom strategy 

12 months access to our members vault

Easy-to-follow training videos

Easy-to-implement activity sheets 


$1,500 USD


Additional Sessions

Need more sessions? Add as many additional calls as you like.


Additional 45 min coaching calls
with your brand strategist to further
develop your custom strategy


$300 USD

“In a single strategy session, Cat helped me understand how I could unite my various offerings under a single brand – and in the process dramatically simplify and focus my marketing efforts. It changed everything for me!”


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What could you achieve with the right help?

If you are serious about making an impact through your work, we are serious about helping you make it bigger.

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