Website walkthrough

Easy to follow video tutorials to help you confidently edit your own site.

The essentials

How to login to your new WordPress site

Access the login page by adding
/wp-admin to the end of your domain name. If you forget your password, simply click on ‘Lost your password’ to have password reset instructions sent to your email address.

What is Divi and what does it do for my website?

Divi is a revolutionary way to create and edit WordPress websites. It’s a premium WordPress theme with a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ editor which makes editing your site quick and easy.

See how your pages are structured with Divi

Now you know what Divi is let’s see how it is used to create the basic content on your site. Discover how sections, rows and modules are used to create website pages.

How to remove a ‘Coming Soon’ page

Some websites will launch with a ‘Coming Soon’ page in order to keep your website private until you are ready. Here’s how to remove the page and reveal your website to the world.

Basic editing

Making text changes using the visual builder

The visual builder provides an easy interface through which you can directly edit the text on your website.

Swapping images using the visual builder

You can swap images in the foreground of your site by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon for the image. You can swap images in the background of your site by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon for the relevant row or section.

Editing and adding buttons using the visual builder

Edit button names and destination links by clicking on the ‘settings’ icon for the module. Create new buttons by duplicating an existing button on the site and dragging it to your desired location.

Editing and adding social media links to your site

Edit the Social Media module to link to your own outposts, or add/remove social media networks so that your visitors can find you around the web.

Creating / adding new blog posts to your website

Your website may come with a page dedicated to blog posts or resources. Here’s how to add new content and update any posts that are currently on your website.

Advanced editing

Styling text using the visual builder

You can control the appearance of text (ie. colour, size, font), by hovering over a text module and clicking the ‘settings’ icon.