Website design feedback

Provide valuable and essential feedback on your new website with our simple commenting system.

In this video guide we’ll show you how to provide feedback to our team so that we can refine your website design.

To get the most out of this stage of the project we ask that your feedback be:

Specific: Your feedback should be as specific as possible; for example, if you’d like to change an image please tell us exactly what image (including the filename) you’d like to use as a replacement.

Accurate: Your feedback should be as clear as possible. Using our commenting system you can mark exactly where you’d like changes to be made on your website to help our team understand your requests.

Objective: Your feedback should be unbiased and you should consider viewing your website through your client’s eyes. Although your website is something you should be proud of, it is designed with your audience in mind.

Timely: Your feedback should be given as soon as possible so that our team can schedule in your changes. Timely feedback will ensure that we launch on time and prevent delays to your project.

Bitesized: At this stage in the project any changes and alterations should be minor, so please keep feedback brief.

We look forward to your feedback and launching your new website.