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Share your unique vision with your very own beautiful coaching website. Our WordPress websites will take your business further.

You don’t just need a website. You need one that inspires! 

Let’s be honest: we believe that with enough time and effort anyone can make their own website. But not everyone knows what it takes to create a website that inspires people to work with you.

As a coach you need a website that instantly connects with your ideal client. One that isn’t just a brochure of your services, but one that actively helps you get more clients – even while you are sleeping!

Website considerations

When it comes to building a coaching website that inspires we need to look beyond tech requirements and focus on what makes you unique. 


Who is your ideal client and what are their problems?


What do you need them to do when they arrive on your site?


What else is competing for their attention?


What will inspire them to take action?


How can working with you help to solve their problems?


What visual cues will they instinctively respond to?


What hesitations do we need to overcome?


What reassurance they need?

Need some advice on how to approach your website project? 

Our process

Professional coaching website design from start to finish.



We establish clear goals and priorities for what we need your coaching site to do.


Site Map

We identify the key pages and content we will need on our site to achieve our objectives.



We develop a clickable interactive prototype so everyone understands how the website needs to work. 



We work with you (or our copywriters) to ensure the content on your website compels action.



We bring your prototype and content to life by applying your visual brand styles.



We optimise the content and design to work on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.



We test that the site performs as expected on the browsers and devices your audience uses.



We take care of the technical details of ‘pushing your site live’ so you can share it with the world.



We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep your website healthy and secure.

Are you ready to build a coaching website that works? 


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Why do I need a coaching website?

Your website is an online presence that can represent you, your business or your organisation. It will allow you to reach and connect with people from all over the world, but that’s not all!

When done properly, your website can be a sales-person who will help to funnel visitors into clients, even while you are busy elsewhere. A good website can help you build an audience, nurture them and convert them into loyal fans. A good coaching website can help you do more, achieve more and make a bigger impact.

We know what it takes to build good websites and take great pride in the results our clients achieve. To see what your website can do for you, get in touch.

How do I manage my new website?

Most of the coaching websites that we design are built using WordPress and the premium Divi theme. As the world’s most popular premium WordPress theme, Divi allows you to edit your website content in a similar way to how you would edit a word processing document. It’s incredibly quick, intuitive and means that you don’t need to know anything about websites to get started.

Many of our coaching clients have little to no experience with website design before they come to us but they get on just fine with the intuitive webpage editor.

With our free website tutorials you’ll learn how to make changes to your site in next to no time.

How much will my website cost?

We get this question a lot and it’s tricky to provide a general cost for our coaching website design and development services. Everyone has different requirements for their website and so we can’t offer a general quote.

To get an accurate quote for your coaching website the best thing to do is to get in touch. Be as clear as possible about what you want to achieve and the goals you have in mind. Our team will work with you to create a website proposal that meets your needs.

Does it include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Launching a pretty website isn’t enough to draw an audience, but one that is optimised for SEO can be. We offer simple on-page SEO with every website we build so that your pages can be easily indexed by search engines like Google. If you require a more robust, results-driven SEO strategy then our SEO service is for you.

Can I link my newsletter opt-in to my new website?

Absolutely! We hear it over and over again from experienced coaches that they wish they had started building their email list sooner. By building your email list you can create a large pool of supporters who will be happy to hear about new services and offers. We’ll help you get started quickly and easily with an opt-in box that converts your website visitors to leads.

What about the technical side of building / launching a website?

You’ll need to buy your own domain name (don’t worry – we’ve got a tutorial to show you how to do that), but otherwise we’ll take care of setting up the technical parts of your website – including hosting, wordpress installation and basic site setup.

Depending on how technically minded (or inclined) you are we also provide ongoing website support plans so that we can continue to support your business long after your website has launched.

What if I've started / have a website already?

If you are looking to have your current website redesigned get in touch and we can help you figure out your best next step. A quick chat can help us better understand what goals you have in mind and how to best approach the redesign of your site.

If you have started designing your website and want some help to get it finished then we may need to take a deeper look at your website. We’ll want to get an understanding of how your website has been built, what software you are using and what would be required to get it completed to our standards.

Get in touch to see if we can help.

“My website has changed everything about my business and how I feel about it. I’m finally able to communicate everything I do, in one really easy and beautiful way!”


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