Domain names help people find your website online. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to purchase your domain name using Google Domains.

There are many domain name providers out there but we like using Google because 1) the process is straightforward, and 2) they offer free privacy protection for some domains.

If you haven’t yet created a short-list of domain names that you would like for your website check out our how to choose a domain name tutorial.

Step 1: Visit the Google Domains website

In your web browser head to

If you do not already have a google account you will have to create one. You may wish to consider creating a new Google account dedicated to managing your business domain name. If you create your domain with your personal Google account, all domain administration will need to be done with that account. If you intend to have multiple people manage your domains, you may want to create an account that can be shared without giving access to your personal account.

Step 2: Search for the domain you want to purchase

Use the Google Domain search tool to look up the domain name that you want to buy. Google Domains supports a variety of different extensions, including .net, .org, .co, and .social.

You’ll be shown whether your exact result is available or not, as well as a variety of similar domains. (Click the “Add extension” link in the search results to pick from a large list of possible extensions.)

Step 3: If the domain you want is available, click the Cart button to add it to your shopping cart

The prices for domains will vary depending on their extension and demand. You can purchase multiple domains at once by adding them all to your cart.

Step 4: Once you’re ready to checkout, open your cart and select “Proceed to checkout”

You’ll be asked to fill out your information. This form will need to be filled out with accurate information and normally is made publicly available on the WHOIS registry.

Google Domains offers free private registration, which will mask your personal information. Most extensions support private registration, but not all of them will.

Step 5: After entering your information, you’ll need to select your payment method

The minimum purchase for your domain is one year but you may choose to secure it for a longer period of time.

Once you have completed the billing process you will now have your very own domain name. You are ready to set up hosting and custom email addresses.

Step 6: Connect your domain to your website

If we are creating your site for you it is now time to share your Google account details with us so that we can connect your domain name to your website.

If you are hosting the website yourself then you will need to refer to your website host support documents so you can complete the link between your domain name and your website host.