Creating a professional email signature

Once you’ve setup your custom email address you may want to enhance your mail by adding a custom email signature.

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Email signatures are the equivalent of your printed business cards – small, simple, but no less essential to your brand and to your individual professional persona.

Each business email you send should include a proper email signature to add credibility to the business and is an opportunity to promote your business.

There is more than one way to add a digital signature to your emails and depending on the email carrier you use, more than one way to attach them.

Here are two quick ways that we recommend our clients to create email signatures:

Option 1: Email signature generators

One of the easiest ways to create your own email signature is to let a piece of software do it for you. While there are plenty of companies out there who offer a chargeable service for doing this there are also many that offer the service for free (although you will need to sign up for marketing emails in exchange).

We recommend the Email Signature Generator by Hubspot.

Creating your email signature with Hubspot’s generator is as simple as filling in the blanks and customising your design.

1. Choose your template

2. Input your information

3. Style your design

4. Upload your photo and create a call to action

5. Download your signature

Click on the ‘Create Signature’ button and you’ll be able to download it. Before you do though you’ll have to sign up for some marketing emails. The reason we picked Hubspot over other free generators is because they are a well-known company who should take good care of our details. They also make it easy to unsubsribe from their mailing list.

Option 2: Create your own simple signature

Your email signature doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. If you’ve ever recieved an email from our team you’ll have seen our own basic signatures.

Our standard email signature.

All of our essential contact information is there and we decided to keep it lean. Not only does this keep the focus on the content of our email, it also puts more emphasis on the things we have included, like our website address or link to our community. And let’s not forget one of the biggest bonuses of creating a simple signature: updating it can be done in seconds!

Choose whichever option is best for you and your business.

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