Accepting shared login details

Easily share passwords without exposing them and leaving yourself vulnerable. 14-minute read When someone shares a password with you, you will receive an email that looks something like this (click on “Accepts Shared Data”): Once you click on that link, you will be...

Sharing login details with others

Need to give someone else access to one of your accounts but afraid of keeping it safe? Share your password securely. 14-minute read Occasionally, you need to share a password with someone. Maybe it's a shared office-wide password, your family's Amazon login, or maybe...

Adding login details to LastPass

A different password for every site you use? It might sound like a hard-to-remember nightmare but it doesn't have to be. 14-minute read One of the great time-saving benefits of LastPass is that it remembers your passwords. When you visit a website login, LastPass...

Getting started with Lastpass

Your passwords are some of the most valuable things you will own. They are the keys to your online life – here's how to keep them secure. 14-minute read Lastpass is an all-in-one wonder-tool that replaces anything you would usually store your password in. Once you're...

What is LastPass and why we use it

Say goodbye to your notebook, your post-it notes, storing passwords in your address book or notes app. Say hello to Lastpass. 14-minute read It’s all too easy to get sloppy with your password security as the number of accounts and accompanying passwords pile up. It’s...


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