Getting started with Dropbox

Store files online so that you can share and access them anywhere, anytime. What is Dropbox and what is it used for? Dropbox is an awesome service that allows you to back your files up to the cloud, sync them between computers, and share them with your...

Using the Dropbox desktop application

The smartest thing about the Dropbox desktop application is that it integrated seamlessly, so it feels effortless. The account that you create with Dropbox automatically includes a Dropbox folder (you can only have one per account) that shares files with...

Installing the Dropbox desktop application

The downloadable Dropbox desktop application gives you access to your Dropbox directly through a folder on your computer. Download the Dropbox desktop application. Using Dropbox on your computer is just like using any other folder on your hard drive, except...

Good file discipline

Keep your files organised and you'll be rewarded with streamlined, stress-free access whenever you need it. 1. Name folders after projects, not people Name shared folders after what you’re going to do with them, not after the person you’re sharing with....

Accepting a shared folder invitation

Being able to easily share files with someone is one of Dropbox's greatest features. Here's how to accept a file. If somebody shared a folder with you in Dropbox, you’re actually notified in either or both ways, i.e., via e-mail or directly to...

Using the web app to add files to Dropbox

Learn how to add your files to Dropbox via the Dropbox website. It's easy once you know how. Step 1: Sign into Dropbox Go the Dropbox homepage (www.dropbox.com) and sign in using the username and password you created. Step 2: Prepare to upload Click the...


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