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Sara Price

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The challenge

Here at The Good Alliance we love a good challenge. So when Sara approached us to create an entire brand and website in just three weeks there was only one question: “when can we get started?”

We’re no stranger to tight deadlines but this time was different. At the end of the three weeks Sara would be flying out to Necker Island to meet Sir Richard Branson (we’re big fans!), so if ever there was a time to put our design process to the test, this was it.

“Against an incredibly tight and immoveable deadline, they delivered a BRILLIANT brand, visual identity and a website that is already garnering envious looks from all my fellow entrepreneurs.”


The result

Working at a break-neck speed didn’t mean cutting corners. Instead, our team rolled up their sleeves to present Sara with a variety of branding styles for her to choose from. With some quick decision making on her part and some creative thinking on ours, we were able to rename the business, clarify the messaging and launch a bold new brand.

“It is EXACTLY what I wanted and so much more. Through a mix of insightful questioning, some great challenges to my thinking and some creative genius, they’ve created something magical.”


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