Case study

Jacqueline Lewis
Caring For Women

A highly respected surgeon specialising in helping women feel good about their bodies.

The challenge

With over 30 years experience in helping women feel good about their bodies, Dr Lewis is a highly respected expert in her field.

When we were first introduced to Dr Lewis it was clear that she was no stranger to the public eye, having been featured by the BBC, CNBC, The Telegraph, Tatler and more. But, while her reputation as an expert in women’s wellness was well established, she didn’t have anywhere to share her story. 

“The whole process was precisely organised and we were even able to bring the launch date forward. Each step was fully explained and supported.
It was worth every £ spent.”

DR JACQUELINE LEWIS, women’s wellness specialist

The approach

One of the first things we noticed about Dr Lewis, is how comfortable she makes people feel… even when discussing traditionally awkward subjects such as sex, menopause, physical appearance, and other topics that women typically shy away from.

In an industry that has a reputation for being fake and sleazy, we were determined that Dr Lewis’ new messaging, branding and website should reflect both her quality of knowledge and experience, and the clarity and trust she inspired in real life.

The first exercise we did with Jackie was to decide how we wanted her patients to feel, and experiment with the messaging, colours, imagery and design styles that would evoke those feelings.




The result

Jackie’s new brand and messaging is not only clear, professional and sophisticated – it directness inspires trust and genuine connection, that accurately reflects the experience a patient might have when they sit down with Dr Lewis for a consultation.

We were also able to set Jackie up with a modern, easy to navigate WordPress website that she can use to reach new clients and increase her impact. The new website welcomes visitors from more than 9 countries with 60% of all traffic coming from the UK, Jacqueline’s target market.

“The final web site is all that I wanted and more. Great branding, message, design, images and layout… and it resulted in much more business!”

DR JACQUELINE LEWIS, women’s wellness specialist

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