Case study

The Hunger Project
United Kingdom

Working to break the cycle of poverty with a women-centred and community-led approach

The challenge

One of many had a huge world changing mission, clients who loved their work, clarity in our brand values and promise, but this was not being demonstrated in our online materials.

In fact their visual branding was really letting them down, and they realised it was time to Step Up and start attracting more of their ‘right’ clients. 

“We are delighted with our new website! The Good Alliance team helped us to create a platform that showcases our mission, our values, and is an inspiring place for people in the UK to understand and get involved in the work of The Hunger Project.”


The approach

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The result

The new branding has helped me feel more confident in who we are, and how we present.

Our first launch of the new brand was our annual One Woman Conference website in 2016. We had 80% of tickets sold within a week and It was a sellout within a month. We had to have a waiting list. But best thing was the quality of women we attracted stepped up dramatically. Every woman is quality of course, but these were the right women who were on board with our global mission.

I feel more confident in who we are and how we present. Confident to work with higher caliber partners and attract higher caliber speakers and clients (which we are).

“LOVE that ‘fundraise, lead, partner’ is highlighted on every page, as well as ‘giving’. Brilliant, brilliant!”

Niki Psarias, Marketing, Communications & Fundraising Manager

We’ve worked for top agencies and global brands.

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