Case study

The Hunger Project
United Kingdom

Working to break the cycle of poverty with a women-centred and community-led approach

The challenge

The Hunger Project UK believe that every woman, man and child can lead a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity. Their aim is to build a global movement to end world hunger.

A large part of any movement is educating others so that they can rally them behind your cause. For The Hunger Project UK this meant redesigning their website from the ground up to better represent their innovative approach to ending poverty.

“The Good Alliance team helped us to create a platform that showcases our mission, our values, and inspires people in the UK to get involved in the work of The Hunger Project.”


The approach

During 2018 our creative team worked with The Hunger Project UK to fully understand their needs and create a website that was not only more attractive than their current design, but that was also better structured. With optimisation, ease of use and longevity in mind, we started by building an interactive prototype (an ugly undesigned version of the site) to help us understand how people will use the site, and what content we needed to create.

The result

A bold new design that is as playful as it is powerful, and which will represent the organisation for years to come. Since the relaunch the new website has seen traffic increase by more than 150% whilst doubling the amount of targeted UK traffic.



“We have had so many positive comments on the new site. Thank you once again for your incredible work and support.”


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