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Yvette Taylor
Energy Alignment Method

Helping you to tune into your own energy and get clarity on your underlying issues.

The challenge

Before working with The Good Alliance, Yvette had already built a successful business and by her own admission, her brand felt amateur and did not live up to her rapidly growing reputation.

Her goal for the year ahead was to roll out coach training and licensing to individuals, and in-house coaching workshops to large organisations. However, she was so embarrassed to share her website, she found herself avoiding reaching out to potential partners and clients.

Yvette sought us out for a complete brand overhaul. She wanted to create a brand and website that would give the Energy Alignment Method more gravitas and credibility, without losing the ‘magic’ which had helped them grow to that point.

The approach

This was much more than an exercise in visual branding. Our creative team had to find the right tone and balance to position Yvette as an authority corporate organisations would respect, while maintaining the ‘spiritual’ aspect of the brand which individuals were irresistibly drawn to.

To do that effectively, we split the project into four sections:

Visual branding

We started with some serious discussions about the impression we wanted to make, and then spent time exploring the visual cues (ie. colour, imagery, fonts, etc.) that would create the desired impression. With these visual cues in place, we were able to use them to develop a logo which communicated the core principles of the Energy Alignment Method.

We then worked closely with Yvette and her team to create a range of supporting collateral,and created variations of the logo to be used across various platforms, including social media headers and sharing graphics, workbooks and presentation templates.

Photoshoot guidance

Imagery is a critical part of any rebrand, so to ensure the new imagery achieved the right ‘feel’, we supplied Yvette’s photographer with guidance on style, tone and composition. Not only did this save the photographer time in the studio and during the editing process. But it also allowed us to add the images seamlessly into the design without requesting further photo editing or reshoots.

Website Strategy

Building a website is not just about making things look pretty. It’s about making sure it works to help their clients find the right information, at the right time.
We worked closely with Yvette and her team to build a functional prototype of the site, and proactively identify opportunities for maximising conversions.
We then coached Yvette and her team through the process of creating content that worked with the prototype and matched the tone of the visual brand we had created.

Website Design & Build

Yvette’s original website was underperforming, looked amateur and did not fully represent her success and reputation. By designing and building a modern, uncluttered website with complementary fonts, colours, simple navigation and compelling content, we produced a website which reflected Yvette as a person and the Energy Alignment Method as a business.

The result

The final result was a brand and website Yvette felt excited to share. And which her coaches and new organisational partners could feel proud to be associated with.

It still felt like the Energy Alignment Method of old but was more authentic and powerful. Combined with the new website and collateral, the project provided the Energy Alignment Method with a launchpad for future growth and expansion.

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