Case study

Emily Jacob
ReConnected Life

Providing a safe space, coaching, support and advocacy for survivors of rape.

The challenge

Emily Jacob founded ReConnected Life to provide a safe space to help rape survivors shed self-blame and shame, and start living with joy again. 

Helpful, compassionate, fearless, authentic and inspiring – Emily aims to change the conversation about rape, shifting the stigma usually associated with being a rape survivor to instead be rightfully associated with the rapist.

A role model in embracing vulnerability, Emily told us that she hadn’t thought about her branding but wanted to attract supporters that would rally behind her cause.

“Within a month of launching my new brand, I was featured in the press and on TV. Having a strong and clear brand behind me has given me the confidence to share my story and voice with the world.”


The approach

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The result

When Emily first came to us she admitted that she was ‘fumbling around in the dark’ and yet, less than one month after relaunching her website she was making appearances in the media. The lively new branding and strong messaging gave her the confidence to become a powerful spokesperson for rape survivors around the world.

“Now I feel like a business owner with a social purpose. I’m proud to tell people I’m the founder of ReConnected Life.”


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