Charities & Non-Profits

From grassroots community groups to global charities, we help non-profits inspire loyalty and scale their impact.

You’re already making an impact. But could it be bigger? 

You might be doing great work, but if you don’t have the support of committed donors, how can you sustain it?

With so many great causes vying for attention, it’s more important than ever to quickly demonstrate why your approach is different, and why money invested through you is going to have a better outcome than any other organisation.

That’s why your brand and website is not a cost. It’s an investment that should help you demonstrate your credibility, raise your profile and turn visitors into active donors or partners…. providing you with the resources and opportunity to make an even bigger impact through your work.

We build brands & websites that inspire loyalty and action.

Over the years we’ve built hundreds of brands and websites, and know a thing or two about what makes them work – AND what makes them a complete waste of time, money and energy.

The only thing worse than not having a brand or website, is investing time, money and energy in a brand or website that doesn’t do what you need it too.

Reaching and influencing more people is as much about who’s talking about you, as who you are talking to directly. If you want to garner the support of more connected and influential partners, you need to provide them a brand image they can feel proud to stand alongside.

Considerations for charities and non profits…


What are your short and long term fundraising and marketing goals?


What resources do you have available to achieve those goals?


What message will resonate with your donors and funders, and inspire action?


How, when and where should you be sharing that message?


What specific marketing activities will give you the biggest bang for your buck?


How will you maintain momentum, and keep your funders and donors engaged?

Need some advice on how to approach your creative strategy? 

What our clients say…

“Our audience now has a greater understanding of the work that we do. And it’s freed up time to devote to other aspects of the charity.”


Empowering young people beyond the finish line

“The Good Alliance team helped us to create a platform that showcases our mission, our values, and is an inspiring place for people in the UK to understand and get involved in the work of The Hunger Project.”


Working to break the cycle of poverty

“The Good Alliance provided an amazingly efficient and incredibly accurate translation of my idea into reality.”


An independent movement of UK citizens and residents collaborating to improve their own health, and ultimately, save the NHS.

Creative services that will help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s time to take your idea to the next level so it pays to have a team that is willing to go the distance with you. When you work with us our team becomes your team.

Brand Bootcamp

Everything you need to get started.

Clarify your vision, craft a compelling story and develop your brand identity with our online Brand Bootcamp program.

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Logo & visual brand toolkit
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