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Which is why we’re proud to introduce you to the individuals we’ve helped to build a strong brand and boldly stride out to change the world.

Only a few months after they helped me find and communicate my niche of ‘self care’, Penguin sought me out to write a book on the subject. I now help people while I sleep!

Mel Noakes, the self care coach

Empowering women to lead extraordinary lives while loving the skin they’re in.

I got a beautiful logo, website and new image! Friends in business are envious of it, and I love the professional feel… it’s helped me become so much clearer on my offering.

Andrew Loosely, Natural Fertility Expert
Supporting families through their fertility journey

The Good Alliance team helped us to create a platform that showcases our mission, our values, and is an inspiring place for people in the UK to understand and get involved in the work of The Hunger Project.

Niki Psarias, The Hunger Project UK
Working to break the cycle of poverty

This has been so much more than a branding/website creation project. Through this work I have found real clarity about my vision, my target audience and what I want to offer. It has helped shape my thinking and the future direction of my business.

Sara Price, ACTUALLY

Training the next generation of change-makers

We now have an integrated approach to what we do, and I can move faster toward my mission to equip a million women with our tools.

Joanna Martin, One Of many
Unleashing the bold, grassroots leadership of 1 million women internationally

Whether you have an idea, a plan or an existing business with a social purpose, we will help you build, grow and scale it into something with a real and lasting impact.

Within a month of launching my new brand, I was featured in the press and on TV. Having a strong and clear brand behind me has given me the confidence to share my story and voice with the world.

Emily Jacob, Reconnected life
Coaching, support and advocacy for survivors of rape

I get lots of positive comments about the clean, light look and feel of my website, as well as the great copywriting.

Thea Jolly, The Perfectionism Coach

Inspiring mothers to become more self-compassionate

My website and brand feel like an extension of me and my personality and I’m excited to see how it grows and where it goes!

Hannah Beko, Authentically Speaking
Beating burnout before it begins

The whole process was precisely organized and we were even able to bring the launch date forward.
Each step was fully explained and supported.
It was worth every £ spent.

Dr Jacqueline Lewis, doctor and surgeon

Specialising in cosmetic treatments for women’s wellbeing

Since working with The Good Alliance I’ve been asked to write a chapter for a book about the Camino and for it to become an international best seller. I am now a published author.


Enriching lives through the healing power of walking

More case studies

Lara Khalaf

Elite Leadership Coach

Supporting women in business become more successful, confident and conscious leaders.

Dominique Ara

Transformative Leadership

Working within organisations to empower leaders and enable change from the inside out.

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