Case study

Barbara Pidgeon

Helping you to navigate the world with mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

The challenge

Despite running her business for decades, Barbara struggled to explain what she did and whom she did it for. And although she had a wide range of specialities, including coaching, nutrition, chi running, heart rate variability, mindfulness and essential oils, there was no clear thread which pulled them all together.

With her range of specialities so varied, she was unable to create brand awareness or a cohesive marketing strategy that would allow her to charge a premium for her expertise.

Therefore, targeting customers was extremely difficult and she ended up coaching clients and running workshops for little to no money.

“Before I worked with The Good Alliance, my approach was a bit aimless and lacking in focus.”

Barbara Pidgeon, Breathwise

The approach

We began by focusing on who Barbara was – her strengths, values, characteristics and other brand superpowers. Then switched our attention to her past clients, looking at whom she enjoyed serving the most and the characteristics each of these clients shared.

By bringing these things together, we developed sub-brands for each category of service she offers and aligned Barbara’s skills and talents under a single brand name her target audience would connect with – Breathwise.

The result

At project sign-off, Barbara had a clear business strategy and a brand she and her clients loved. It elevated her many skills and services and helped customers understand the benefits of working with Breathwise.

With a strong brand behind her, Barbara is in a great position to raise her prices and start running coaching sessions and workshops at a profit.

“I’m so glad I worked with The Good Alliance because they helped give my business clarity, and left me with a brand I love!”

Barbara Pidgeon, Breathwise

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