Everything you need to inspire your right people to stop, listen and take action

The Brand Bootcamp will help you clarify your vision, craft a compelling story, develop your brand identity and share it all proudly via a stunning and effective new website.

Do people understand and value what you do? 

If you’re like most of the people who come to us, you got into business because you wanted to spend your time doing something that actually matters.

You want to help people AND make a living doing it.

But the hard truth is: just because you want to help people, doesn’t mean that they are going to line up at your door ready to pay for your help. So instead of doing ‘your thing’ and making ‘your difference’, it’s easy to spend a lot of effort running around trying to sell yourself.

Our programs equip those who want to make a difference, with the strategy, systems & support they need to make an even bigger difference.

Are you making the right impression online?

It doesn’t matter how good you are, or how much good you do – if you look cheap and your messaging is confused, you are never going to attract the attention you deserve.

That’s why your brand is important. It’s more than just a logo, some words or a fancy looking website.

Before people even meet you, your brand should capture people’s imagination, and give them a reason to believe in you. Your website should inspire people to stop what they are doing, listen to your story and actually take action. 


We’ll help you build an inspiring brand & website. 

Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of socially motivated entrepreneurs package and present themselves online – and learned a thing or two about what works.

The only thing worse than not having a website, is investing time, money and energy in a website that doesn’t do what you need it to. That’s why we build sites that do more than just ‘look pretty’. 

We build sites that inspire your ‘right clients’ to get on the phone, ready to work with you.

Who is it for? 

Free-spirited, defiant, entrepreneurial; our allies are united by the simple desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.














Medical professionals


Fitness professionals


Service providers


Community groups


Social enterprises


Homegrown charities

If you offer products or services that help other people in some way, then we are here to help you.

What’s involved? 

We believe your brand and website are tools. And the most important thing to focus on when building a tool, is what you need that tool to do for you once it is built. That’s why we don’t start work on any creative until we’ve helped you craft a clear and effective strategy. 



We’ll help you craft a clear and effective brand strategy.  



We’ll use your strategy to design your new brand & website.



We’ll keep your new website healthy, online and secure.

Strategy first. 

If you don’t yet have a brand or a brand strategy, it’s likely that you’ll need some help to ensure that the decisions you make about colours, images, words and websites actually work for your audience and your business.    

Our brand strategy program will help you find your niche, define your ideal client, and make purposeful choices about what will resonate with them. 

If you’re crystal clear on what your brand is and how it needs to be executed, this program will simply help to extract the thoughts from your head, and compile them into a clear brief for our Creative Team to implement.

“I really like their style – very straightforward, no fluff, hype or bullshit.”
Get fit. Have fun. Do aerial yoga.

Creative second.

Once you’ve met with our Creative Director to hone your Strategy and book in your Creative implementation, our Creative Team will get busy designing your logo, business card, letterhead and website.







But we’re not talking about just any website.

Your new website benefits from the following features… 


A website platform that allows your website to grow as your business does.

Custom Theme

Our professional WordPress theme designed specifically for purpose driven businesses.

Drag & Drop Editing

Intuitive page builder that makes editing your site content easy, fast and enjoyable.

Mobile Design

Your site will look great and work well, no matter what device your customers use.


We’ll take care of your install and setup so your site is ready-to-use and ready-for-action.


We’ll personalise your site with your domain name, logo, colours and fonts.

Seen enough to know you want in? Your first step is to hit that ‘apply now’ button and tell us a little bit about yourself.

“Within a month of launching my new brand, I was featured in the press and on TV. Having a strong and clear brand behind me has given me the confidence to share my story and voice with the world.”
Coaching for survivors of rape and sexual abuse

Support always!

We don’t believe in throwing Creative work over the fence and leaving you to figure things out yourself. That’s why when you join the Brand Bootcamp we include a 12 month subscription to our Web Maintain support plan, worth more than £800.


Training Library

Access to our video training library with tutorials teaching you how to manage and edit your site.

Powerful Hosting

Super fast hosting to ensure your site loads before your customers disappear.

Software Updates

Monthly software updates to keep your site secure and running smoothly.

Security Monitoring

World-class malware scanning to detect vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Daily Backups

Delete something important? Get hacked? We will restore your site from backup for you.

Detailed Reports

Get an overview of your websites health and see key information about its performance.

Strong Encryption

An SSL certificate could help boost search rankings and will display a little green padlock on your site.

Simple Analytics

See what’s working and what isn’t with website traffic data added to your monthly reports.

Support Time

Up to 30 minutes of support per month to answer questions, fix bugs or make minor tweaks.
“I just wanted to thank you again for your patience, endurance, and for picking up the reins for me in my techie panics!”


Coaching for women who want to leave a true legacy

What’s the investment?

An inspiring brand and website that is managed for you is more affordable than you might think.


More time. Less money.

Not in the financial position to throw loads of moolah at your brand yet? No worries. Our online program is designed to help you build your brand strategy independently with just a little 1-1 guidance from a brand strategist. Additionally, our vault full of tutorials, templates and other resources will save you days or weeks of research and implementation.


Online brand strategy program
1 x 45 min call with a brand strategist
Customised logo, business card & letterhead
Customised WordPress website
12 months hosting, maintenance & support
Access to training & resource vault


At least 24 hours independent work



or 12 x monthly payments of £169


 Less time. More money.

Our program, templates and resources are easy to follow and implement. But if you don’t have the time, confidence or desire to learn and tinker – or if you simply want to pay for the best support you can get! – we’ll work with you 1-on-1 to develop and implement your brand strategy. Freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture!


1-1 brand strategy coaching
6 x 45 min calls with a brand strategist
Bespoke logo, business card & letterhead
Bespoke WordPress website
12 months hosting, maintenance & support
Access to training & resource vault


At least 5 hours of 1-1 strategy calls



or 12 x monthly payments of £469

Free mini-bootcamp

Package your products and services so they sell themselves!

Not ready for the full Brand Bootcamp experience yet? Take this free 5 day challenge to discover how you can package your products and services so that they sell themselves.


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. 

Does the Brand Bootcamp include copywriting?

Our Brand Bootcamp packages do not include copywriting due to the different requirements of our participants. As you progress through the online program you’ll follow prompts which will help you to define your voice and begin creating your brand story. For many people this content may be enough for their website and marketing materials.

If, after completing the program, you find that your content isn’t to the standard that you hoped for then our copywriting packages can help.

Can I request changes to my logo, letterhead and business card?

Bootstrap program

To keep our bootstrap program affordable for the majority of our clients, we don’t include changes as standard – unless of course, we’ve made a mistake or a typo!

Instead we focus on ensuring we have agreed exactly what our Creative Team should be creating before we get started. So you know exactly what you are going to get before we do the work.

We find that this is a quicker and more effective way to get to an end result that everyone is happy with, rather than starting too soon and spending a lot of your time and money creating revision after revision until we stumble upon something that works.

If you get part way through the program and realise that you want to take a more collaborative approach to getting your designs ‘just right’, that’s not a problem. We will however need to provide you with an estimate for any additional work.

Bespoke program

If you are joining our bespoke program, then the chance for providing feedback is baked into each stage of the process. We’ll talk you through how to do that, in our kick-off call.

Can I request changes to my website?
Bootstrap program

To keep our bootstrap program affordable for the majority of our clients, we don’t include changes as standard – unless of course, we’ve made a mistake or a typo!

Instead we focus on reducing the need for any tweaks or changes after we’ve setup your site, by ensuring we have agreed exactly what our Creative Team should be creating before we get started.

That said we know that once you start using your website, there are likely to be minor tweaks or changes required. That’s why we give you full access to your site, along with training videos showing you how to make most changes yourself.

And of course – you can also use your 30 mins of support time each month to assist in making any additional tweaks or changes.

Bespoke program

If you are joining our bespoke program, then the chance for providing feedback is baked into each stage of the building your website. We’ll talk you through how to do that, in our kick-off call.

How many pages will my website have?

It depends on how many you need to be effective. When it comes to websites, less is more. Start adding too many pages to your site, and you run the risk of watering down your impact. 

The sweet spot for most of the sites we build is between 4-8 pages. 

If you know you need considerable more pages than this, make sure you mention it to us before signing up so we can discuss your option. 

How do I add content to my site?

Bootstrap program

If you are joining our bootstrap program, we’ll provide you with training videos showing you exactly how to add and edit content on your site. We’ll also provide you with specific prompts so you know what content you need to be writing where.

Though of course, if you ever get stuck – you have the 12 months access to our support team, so we are only an email away.

Bespoke program

If you are joining our bespoke program, we will add your content for you.

Will I be able to sell products directly from my site?

Your website will figuratively ‘sell’ your products and services. But doesn’t include e-commerce as standard – ie. the part where you take someone’s credit card details and process a payment. 

If you are a service provider, there are a range of complimentary external tools that will allow you to do this much more easily than having a system on your site which you need to manage and maintain. 

But if you sell physical products – or simply know that you need an e-commerce website – talk to us, and we can discuss your options. 

How do I manage my new website?

Our websites are built using WordPress and the world’s most popular premium theme, Divi. You’ll be able to edit your website content in a similar way to how you would edit a word processing document. It’s incredibly quick, intuitive and means that you don’t need to know anything about websites to get started.

However, each month you’ll also be able to use your 30 minutes of dedicated support time to request minor changes to your website. If you don’t intend to make a large amount of changes then it will feel like having your own team of website and tech experts managing your website for you.

How does the monthly support work?

Included in your monthly fees is a subscription to our Web Maintain website maintenance plan. You’ll receive all of the benefits of this plan each month just as you would as if you signed up to the plan separately.

Find out more about our maintenance plans.

What happens at the end of my contract?

After 12 months you will own your website and be required to manage it yourself. If you are on a monthly payment plan your payments will end.

You can continue receieving all of the benefits of your website maintenance plan by paying £69 per month, or upgrading to a different plan if you wish.

Does it include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

In order to keep our prices low and help as many coaches as possible we don’t perform any SEO related tasks with this service. That said, the standard WordPress & Divi installation includes several SEO features as standard.

If you’d like to explore your SEO options then our SEO service could be for you.

What if I've started / have a website already?

This service is only available as-is and does not include migrating or finishing off your current website. If you have a website already then you will be able to copy & paste your content into your new site.

Still have more questions? Apply now, and we’ll get you on a call with someone who can answer them.

“My website has changed everything about my business and how I feel about it. I’m finally able to communicate everything I do, in one really easy and beautiful way!”


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If you are serious about making an impact through your work, we are serious about helping you make it bigger.

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