When you’ve had an idea and you’ve turned it into a business, it’s personal.

Real personal.

Especially when your work is about more than profit, like when it’s about helping people to change their lives and their communities.

For many of us, our business is our baby. 

We nurture it and give it all our attention. We’re physically, emotionally and financially invested in seeing it succeed. And most of the time, we put the interests of our business ahead of our own. 

Like most parents, we don’t mind making these sacrifices. But there is often a point where we become business ‘baby brained and forget who we are without our business.

It’s at that point where we need to get out and be ourselves. When we need to reclaim our evenings and weekends to bring our best selves to work. When we need to make the time to think about the bigger picture, rather than spending our time perpetually in reaction mode.

It’s at this point, we often need some help. 

Someone to hold the fort while you breathe. 

But who can you trust with your baby? 

Learning to trust somebody else isn’t easy.

It’s a scary thing to trust your business to someone else. 

I know. 

I’ve been going through it for years – and it’s always scary.

But let me start at the beginning….

Back before we were The Good Alliance, I was a one-woman band trying to single-handedly do the same work we’re doing now. 

I set the intention to use my branding and marketing skills for good, and that intention grew from a sketchy idea into a fully-fledged business with a full client list, in less than a year. 

It was fun and exhilarating. But it was downright exhausting too.

At least for me. 


Because I was the one trying to hold and manage every little thing.

There weren’t enough hours in the day (or days in the week) to do all the things that were on my to-do list, like:

  • Planning
  • Product building
  • Content creation
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Web development
  • Finances

And that’s before you even considered client projects. Each of them, so inspiring and worthy that my clients’ businesses feel like my businesses too.

All these things needed love and attention, and I came to realise that despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to give them all the love and attention they deserved. 

I was a solopreneur, but it was time for me to stop acting like a solopreneur. It was time for me to stop wearing all the hats in my business, hire other people and empower them by trusting them to do a good job.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

If you’ve ever worked or spoken with me, you might think:

Wow, Cat. You’re so calm and confident.

But believe me, trusting others with my business was scary.

I was nervous about doing it and not at all confident at the time.


Because how can you trust somebody else to care as much and to do as good a job as you do?

But do you know what?

I needn’t have worried.

Over the years, creatives have come and gone, but it’s led me to build a team of creatives I trust 100%.

The business has grown more than I could have imagined, but it’s only happened by: 

  • Getting crystal clear on what my sweet spot is
  • Finding people who excelled in things outside my sweet spot
  • Loosening my overall control over every aspect of my business 

Hell, five years on, those things still scare me. But they also thrill and exhilarate me in equal measure.

Now I’m able to spend time on my vision, and have my team come up with the path to get there. Revel in the raving reviews from clients about the work my team has done for them. And take some time off and see that things have worked (often more smoothly) while I was away.


It was difficult to let go of overall control. But by surrounding myself with incredible creatives, it means I’m no longer doing stuff I don’t need to be doing.

Or the things I’m not particularly good at.

Are you ready to take off all your hats?

Growing your sapling of an idea into a mighty oak of a business is so rewarding. But sometimes things get so big, you start wearing every hat there is – and that’s when exhaustion and overwhelm kick in.

If you’re feeling that way right now, trusting somebody else with your business is a big step.

But trusting a copywriter to write your articles. An accountant to take care of your finances. Or a virtual assistant to handle all of your admin might just be the best decision you can make in growing your business.