Life coaches, here’s why designers hate working with you

The truth? You can’t handle the truth! Here’s 5 reasons why web designers don’t like working with life coaches.

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The other day I was in hanging out on Facebook answering questions from our community when I came across a post from a web design group I subscribe to.

 Oh boy, here we go…

It was a simple question: ‘Do you think life coaches are a good niche to target?’

As soon as I saw the post I knew it’d be an interesting read, but as I flicked through the comments my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

Source: A Few good Men,

So, buckle your seatbelts and strap in tight, because for some of you this is going to be one bumpy ride…

Here are the 5 top reasons why these website designers don’t like working with life coaches.

Life coaches don’t care about their website

One of the first reasons I came across in the comment thread was that life coaches simply don’t care about how attractive or functional their website is.

Bad website… don’t care.

There were other comments too, one of which was pointing out that life coaches often lack a basic understanding of important marketing systems and rely on wishful thinking instead.

“I don’t think they understand sales funnels. Some of them actually say build it and they will come.”

Very few life coaches are successful

Are coaches really a dime a dozen? The comments I read seemed to think so. Several commenters expressed that life coaches fail due to a lack of market understanding and over-saturation.

Too much competition…

These web designers believe that even though there are lots of coaches out there who could benefit from their help, most won’t be in business for long so there’s little point trying to help:

“For what it’s worth. There does seem to be a life coach on every corner.”

“But then someone told me… most quit after the first year.”

Life coaches don’t have a clue about business

Warning: this next comment might make you grit your teeth or say a few swears…

It’s not a proper business…

Is coaching really so easy to get into that anyone can do it? Is coaching even a proper business? Do coaches actually know anything about running a business?

I think it’s best if I don’t dignify those questions with a response.

Life coaches don’t make good choices

Out of all of the comments I read this one was perhaps the only one which I somewhat agreed with.

Paying the wrong people…

The thing is, many life coaches do make bad decisions when it comes to hiring people to help them. Oftentimes they are left with a website that doesn’t look professional, doesn’t fulfil a purpose, can’t be easily edited and leaves a hefty dent in their bank account.

But it’s not their fault.

As creatives, it is our job to help you get the best service for your needs and steer you in the right direction.

We’ve got to look at your business as a whole and not just slap together a website because that’s what you think you need.

There are plenty of businesses out there who won’t think twice about giving you exactly what you ask for, even if it isn’t in your best interests. Good designers know that it’s on us to educate you so you can make better business decisions.

Life coaches are too cheap

If you’ve made it this far without closing this article in a fit of rage then you may have noticed a recurring theme with some of these comments. But if not then these next comments should make it crystal clear…

Life coaches want it all for free…

The amount of times that someone mentioned that life coaches don’t have any money blew me away.

‘Broke… don’t earn enough… rarely have money… want it all for free…’

It’s comments like these that made me wonder how any of these people had any clients at all.

The worst part was that everyone seemed to be saying similar things:

most struggle with technology and have little to no budget.

Most are broke. I did some work with one about 5 years ago. He stopped paying after 3 months

Rarely do they have money

…i dont think they have enough budget or realize the benefit of it or have the interest for it. 

So if life coaches don’t have any money and aren’t willing to invest in their business, then where are all of the great-looking coaching websites coming from?

Perhaps the truth is that coaches are just smarter with their money and know when to invest it? And perhaps, more importantly, they know who to invest it with (hopefully with people who don’t see them as an ATM!)

The final verdict

What started off as a simple question revealed some fascinating insight into how life coaches are seen by a small slice of the creative community. [And I do have to stress that these comments don’t represent how the wider community feel – or at least, I hope not]. But what was the question really asking?

‘Do you think life coaches are a good niche to target?’ is simply marketing speak for ‘is it worth working with life coaches?’

The last reply in the comment thread is short but definitely-not sweet:

From the horses mouth…

According to these commenters, as a life coach you…

  1. Don’t care about your website.
  2. Probably won’t be successful (or will quit within one year).
  3. Generally don’t have a clue about business.
  4. Work with the wrong people or do everything yourself.
  5. Don’t earn enough money and don’t invest in your business.

We’re taking a stand and calling ‘bullshit’

While I truly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and I understand that we are all shaped by our own life experiences, I can’t help but stand up and say that these people are wrong.

They are wrong.

Perhaps it is because we work with social conscious businesses and know first-hand about the incredible work-ethic and dedication that coaches possess?

Perhaps it is because we have worked with some amazing life coaches who understand the value in a strong brand and powerful website?

Perhaps it is because our clients have gone on to publish books, be interviewed for national news and have founded global movements?

Our truth is that life coaches provide an incredible service to those in need and really can change lives.

It doesn’t matter how many life coaches are out there, you all have your own unique blend of mission, vision and values. From the way you work to who you work with, you are uniquely you and there’s always room for one more life coach in the world.

Life coaches: we love you!

We support life coaches because they can create an incredible impact from day one. So whether you are just starting out with your first client, or you are well on your way to creating a movement, we have got your back.

Yes, the road may be hard but you are resilient, smart and – dare we say it – business savvy!

It is our privilege to lift you higher and support you, because our difference is helping you make a difference. We believe in you, even if others don’t.

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Brett Worth

Brett loves nothing more than getting things done. A creative at heart, he can usually be found working behind the scenes bringing ideas to life. He uses his varied skillset – which includes everything from photography to coding – to help good people do more good.


  1. Thea

    Great article Brett. Some elements of truth there, especially when coaches are starting out, but thank you for stating that those views are wrong.

    • Brett Worth

      Thanks Thea! It’s got to be frustrating for coaches to know some people think like this. It’s hard enough to get things off the ground when you’re just starting out, having naysayers only makes it more difficult. But by supporting each other it can only do more good.

  2. Reese Evans

    Thanks, Brett for sharing this article. I really enjoyed reading this and learn many things from here.


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The ultimate guide to upgrading your coaching website

Everything you need to know about transforming your current coaching website into an asset that makes a big difference for your business.

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