Change-makers: Dominique Ara

Our change-makers series puts the spotlight on our amazing clients and shares their inspirational journey to do good and earn a living.

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Dominique Ara is a business transformation coach who works within organisations to enable change from the inside out. To date, Dominique has helped more than 8,000 professionals discover the tools they need to realise their full potential.

Her life has been dedicated to learning what makes humans tick and she shares these important findings with her clients. Through this shared learning her clients are able to efficiently transform not only themselves, but their organisations too.

Hi Dominique, thank you for joining us today.  In one or two sentences, tell us what your business does?

I upgrade people and organisations. I help senior executives (and other influential people in an organisation) to evolve and walk on a transformative journey. 

What drove you to start doing this?

I love teaching, coaching, facilitation and seeing people’s potential. It’s my life, it’s in my DNA.

Who do you help, and how do you help them?

My coaching business sees me teaching, training and coaching prominent business figures (CEO’s, HR directors, R&D executives) to help them to be better communicators.

The results are leaders that are empowered, teams that are engaged and organisations that are transformed from the inside out.

What impact have you been able to make through your work?

My aim is to change corporate culture through transforming mindset and engaging people through their managers. The leadership coaching I provide begins at the highest levels and impacts not just the organisation, but everyone in it too.

Through my work I’ve been able to work with some high-profile executives at some of the world’s biggest organisations. The transformation that can happen when leaders find clarity is astounding.

How long have you been focused on your business / organisation?

15 years.

What have been your biggest challenges in that time?

It was difficult to start again after 5 years working in a corporation. I had lost my network and I had to rebuild my reputation rather quickly.

Fortunately, an old friend of mine offered me to facilitate a new product for him. It felt so easy, I knew right then that I was at the right place.

What have been the proudest moments in that time?

Getting started again was very tough so my proudest moment would have been being able to break even!

How has your business / organisation changed since it began?

I am doing much more bespoke, customised coaching and facilitation. My experience has given me permission to improvise while assisting my clients on their quest.

My clients have a great amount of trust in me and they aren’t afraid to take risks, it makes working together very rewarding.

What keeps you going when things get hard?

When times get tough I remind myself that I am bringing to women and men some kind of peace and ease. I have faith in my ability yo help others and eliminate some of the stress in their lives as leaders

What sort of support do you have in place to keep you moving towards your goals?

I have an IT savvy husband, a sound-geek son, and an English proficient daughter! I am also not afraid to hire experts from time to time to help me move faster and accomplish my goals.

What knowledge might you share with someone starting out?

Get help to create a professional website and copy!

It’s your shop window. Don’t do it yourself. Create your products and talk to your clients instead.

How has working with The Good Alliance helped you?

The Good Alliance helped me to clarify my business and branding.

There was great speed in the execution and many great questions to help me focus my ideas. With their help we were able to successfully launch my new brand and website quickly, and it looks fantastic!

They helped keep me accountable so that I was committed to my word and my dreams.

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Where can people find out more about your business / organisation?

You can find me at

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