Coaches: Here’s why you should put prices on your website

Putting prices on your coaching website is a decision every coach has to go make. Here’s why we think it’s a no-brainer.

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Should you put prices on your coaching website?

It’s one of those decisions which causes anxiety for every business owner. One moment you feel it’s the right thing to do, the next you’re hyperventilating into a paper bag certain it’ll scare customers off.

It’s enough to give you a stomach ulcer.

However, at The Good Alliance, we’re firm believers that the benefits of including your prices far outweigh the negatives.

5 reasons why you should share your rates on your website.

There are lots of reasons why business owners choose not to include prices on their website 一 here are five reasons why you should:

1. It will attract your ideal customers.

Every coach has an ideal customer (or at least, they should), and oftentimes prices are based on what this target audience is willing to pay.

You may be aiming at individuals with small incomes, or you may only be interested in working with corporate clients. Regardless of whom you’re targeting, show them the value behind your prices and why you’re the best option for their budget.

Sharing your prices online – and getting your pricing right – will help position you as the right fit for your client.

2. It saves you time.

We’ve all had conversations with a customer like this:

  • They ask for your price.
    • You ask what their budget is.
  • They tell you it depends on your price.
    • You sit in silence, not wanting to lose the customer, arguing with yourself that you should quote your maximum price before deciding it’s too expensive.
  • They ask if you’re still there.
    • You say “Um? Oh, er, yes, sorry,” in an awkward stumbling of words, go quiet again, then pluck a price out of the air that you hope they won’t baulk at…

Pricing is awkward, and conversations like the above are something every business owner goes through.

By publishing the prices of your coaching services you save yourself an awkward phone call and it puts a stop to emails querying your rates too. Emails can go back and forth multiple times before you and the client realise their budget and your pricing aren’t a good fit.

When you include your prices on your website, you save yourself a lot of time by only dealing with clients who are willing to pay your rates.

If they’re getting in touch, it’s because you’re the coach for them.


3. It makes you stand out.

“Ah, showing your prices isn’t the done thing in my industry!” If this is the case, then all the more reason to do it.

Imagine a customer needs your services. They’ve trawled through a few competitor websites and they like what they see, but all of them are asking for the customer to get in touch so they can provide a quote.

Chances are they’ll decide to put it off until later, get sidetracked and not do it. Then they land on your page, and your prices are there for all to see.

More often than not, they’ll email you straight away.


Because you’ve made life easy for them.

Sure, asking for a quote isn’t difficult, but customers don’t want to have to email and wait for a reply, they want to know how much your services cost *now*.

If showing your rates “isn’t the done thing” in your coaching niche, putting them on your website will make you stand out and could win you customers you might otherwise have missed out on.

4. It builds trust in your business.

Giving your customers your prices helps them trust you.

They know what you cost before contacting you, which is a huge benefit because many will feel anxious when they don’t know the price.

Think back to when you’ve had to call a tradesperson for a quote — I bet the first thing going through your mind is cost, right?

Of course, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be chanting a crazed mantra in your head that sounds a little like this: “Don’t be more than X amount, don’t be more than X amount, don’t be more than X amount…”

Now, if you knew the price already, you’d feel much more relaxed and happy to get in touch.

Your business is no different, and neither are your clients.

5. It’s great for your SEO.

Say what now?

Yep, including prices on your coaching business website is great for your websites search engine optimization.

Your would-be-customers will type their questions into a search engine looking for answers. Questions like:

  • “How much does a [Your coaching niche] cost?”
  • “How much does it cost to work with a [Your coaching niche]?”
  • “[Your coaching niche] near me pricing?”

[Not sure about your coaching niche? Check out our list of 7 profitable life coaching niches that make a difference]

Use these questions on your website and not only will you answer their query, but you’ll boost your SEO too. A great way to do this is to add a ‘frequently asked questions’ section to your service pages. That way, if your audience is searching for a specific phrase about pricing they’ll find the answers on your website.

How to win customers with different budgets.

Displaying your prices on your website doesn’t mean you have to ignore customers outside of your price range.

If you’re worried about scaring off customers, offer a range of prices and packages. By placing a cheaper option alongside an expensive one, you can make a customer feel like they’re supported.

Plus, once you’ve got them on the phone, you can explain the benefits of your different packages and allow them to opt for the deluxe package should their budget allow it.

It’s also advisable to list your rates as: ‘From $XXX’.

Using the word ‘from’ gives you wiggle room to tailor your packages, depending on what you discover about your customers’ needs. Although you may have bundled your coaching services into products, you might have some additional options for customers to choose from, such as additional coaching sessions, phone support or even a higher level VIP package:
“We don’t list this on our website, but from what you’re telling me, I think you’d be a great fit for our [INSERT VIP PACKAGE NAME].”

Doing something like this can make a client feel you’re going out of your way to give them special treatment that only a select few are getting. 

The price is right.

Ultimately, the decision to share your prices with your customers is yours. However, attracting customers, saving time, standing out, building trust and improving your SEO is never a bad thing.

If you’ve posted your prices, but you’re struggling to get eyes on your coaching website, our Brand Bootcamp can help you build a brand that’ll inspire your customers and get results.

And if you’re unsure that posting your prices is right for you. Or, you have a story about the results you’ve noticed after posting your rates online, why not start the conversation by leaving a comment below?

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  1. Crystal

    Great article. Thank you!

  2. Lisa

    I had a website for 8 years and put my rates, however people tell me they didn’t go on the website because they wanted to ask me what my prices are.

  3. Esperanza

    I agree with you! I am building my coaching business website and looking at other websites I see that almost nobody does it, but I think it’s good. When I want to hire a service, I don’t like wasting my time trying to figure out how much they charge!


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Everything you need to know about transforming your current coaching website into an asset that makes a big difference for your business.

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